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Artificial Intelligence to unlock the Dolphin Language – so we can Talk to them.

Dolphins are highly intelligent sea animals and researchers found they have a highly evolved language. They communicate to each other in sentences constructed from patterns of clicks and pulses. Now we may be able to translate the dolphin language and discover what they are saying. Using A.I., artificial intelligence, researchers hope to create a dolphin language dictionary. The Swedish scientists will use technology from language analysis startup Gavagai AB. The hope is humans will eventually be able to communicate with animals. Scientists at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology will use Gavagai’s AI software to unlock the secrets of...

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Cancer Causing Chemical Hiding in Everyday Bathroom Products 

An everyday item in your shower could be hiding a carcinogenic chemical linked to causing cancer. And even though it is a known carcinogenic, manufacturers and companies do not have to list it on their products ingredients list.  Below are the most common bath products that contain the toxic substance 1,4-dioxane. Shampoo Shower gel  Hand soap Lotions Two US Senators are now leading a public push to ban the chemical. The toxin easily dissolves in water and is a clear liquid. 1,4-dioxane is made through a process called ethoxylation. This is where ethylene oxide  –  a well known breast carcinogen – is added to other chemicals to lessen their harshness. The FDA are fully aware of the use of the toxic substance in everyday bathroom products and do have a federal law in place to stop the carcinogen being used. The FDA encourages manufacturers to stop the use of the toxin. Studies on laboratory rats showed that when the rats inhaled vapours of 1,4- dioxide for most of their lives or drank laced wayer, they developed; Cancer inside the nose  Cancer in the abdominal cavity Liver cancer The rats that drank the chemical laced water were the group that developed liver cancer. The nose and abdominal cancer developed from the vapour breathing test. The studies are limited and not a lot of research can be found on the effects...

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Underground alien city on Mars 

The area of Mars famous for its amazing honeycomb like formations. But a Alien expert has asserted the area named ‘Noctis Labyrinthyus’ (translated to Labrinth of the night), could be home to more than the boulders or sand dunes found there. And could be an alien city. Scroll down for video  NASA has shared an image taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The image shows the region between Valles Marinerisan the Tharsis upland. NASA has put forward a theory that the honeycomb formations are a result of sedimentary deposits being shifted as the area erodes. Others suggest it is...

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Wife learns of husband being eaten alive by giant python from the news

A man went missing from his Indonesian village and was found dead, inside the belly of a man eating python.  The 25 year Ol mans boots were still on his feet. How did the snake eat the man without any struggle seeming to have taken place? The villagers feared the worst when searching for the man and discovered the massive swollen belly of the snake.  The cut the python open and were horrified to find the man fully clothed. They used a large knife to expose the dead father of two kids body.  Apparently he went missing whilst on...

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Fans Claim to have seen Justin Bieber Shape Shift into a Reptilian

An allegedly published in Perth now (an Australian newspaper, Justin is currently touring down under) has been quickly taken offline after saying Justin Bieber shape shifted into a giant reptile. He shape shifted at the airport and sent hundreds of fans into a distressed frenzy.   The alleged story claimed Bieber fans saw him grow ‘gross, coloured scales’ all over his body. When contacted Perth Now denied publishing any such article.  Though this screen shot is doing the rounds on the internet. And it’s not the first time Justin Bieber has been outed as a Reptillian overlord.  Take a look at this headline. According to the article Justin Bieber is apparently  member of the ‘dominant-reptillian-illuminati bloodline.  The now denied Perth Now article had a witness stating ‘He had a black stripe down the middle and big scaly claws that were lashing out angrily’. This is the screen shot of the some of the text on the article. Even though the article was removed from the internet, the reptilian sightings continued the next morning, after Bieber left his $25,000-a-night Chairman’s Villa hotel room at Crown Towers and was spotted in camouflage shorts and white t-shirt at nearby Leederville skate park. ‘He was hanging around with this big guy, his bodyguard I guess, and we were just staring because he kept turning into a huge reptile,’ said a local skater. ‘His bodyguard...

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