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Trump now trying to cut off welfare for immigrants 

A draft for an executive order leaked from the Whitehouse (one of many leaks), is going to make it harder for legal immigrants to get green cards if they show any chance of ever accessing welfare safety nets Medicaid or food stamps. It’s already Federal law that immigrants are inadmissible if they’re likely to become a “public charge” due to a variety of factors, including their age, health, financial resources and receipt of cash welfare. But not included is basic safety net programs like Medicaid and food stamps. The new draft wants to direct the State Department to think of new ways (standards) to add more means tested programs to the criteria. How one comes up with a way to means test a persons chance of ever needing food stamps or accessing Medicaid in their lifetime remains to be seen. Trump and his administration seem set on making even legal immigration channels extremely hard to access. The existing law already denies access to people that show to rely on welfare but to bring in Medicaid and food stamps could be used to screen out almost anybody but those with a lot of...

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Beyoncé pregnant with twins

Beyoncé and Jay Z are expecting twins! The internet is breaking after Beyoncé shared the photo and announced double trouble on her instagram. No word yet on whether the twins are identical or fraternal. Or if they are boys are girls or one of each. No matter what they turn out to be, there is no doubt they will be the luckiest twins in Tinseltown! See below for the...

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Massive alien claw and warped skull discovered in Tunnels below Peru Desert

A giant alien claw along with a warped skull have been found in mysterious tunnels deep below the Peruvian desert. Scroll down for video According to reports the huge claw was then studied by unnamed ‘experts’who verified its extra terrestrial origins. The group of paranormal researchers say the massive three fingered hand belongs to a ancient humanoid or outer-worldly being.  The self proclaimed experts do not say if they have had their findings verified by any scientific body, found the alien claw in Cusco, Peru.  Along with the hand, they have purportedly found an elongated humanoid skull. The paranormal...

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Kim Kardashian – ‘They’re going to shoot me in the back’ – Horrifying details emerge

Scroll down for video The Kardashians have released a 30 second trailer showin Kim recounting her robbery ordeal. And the clip also shows the phone call she received about Kanye’s breakdown. Kim spoke candidly for the first time about how she feared she would be killed in the October $10 million jewellery robbery. She shared her terrifying ordeal in Paris and Kanye’s mental struggles. The robbery and Kanye’s breakdown made the  end of 2016 an emotional and scary time for the whole Kardashian clan.  It was not known how or if they would be addressed on the highly rated reality show. This clip shows the Kardashians will not hold back on the truly scary times they faced in 2016.  In the clip Kim shares how truly frightened she was during the gun wielding robbery. Visibly distraught she sits curled in a ball on the couch, with sisters Khloe and Kourtney listening to her harrowing recount of the when the armed gunmen broke in and stormed her hotel. Kim cries as she tells her sisters she was bound and thrown in the  ‘They’re going to shoot me in the back. There’s no way out.’ Kim can barely speak coherently as her emotions are clearly high. And then just a month later her family go through another crisis with Kanye West being admitted to hospital suffering a mental breakdown. Kanye also...

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George Michael’s Death being Investigated by Major Crime Squad

The death of George Michael is being investigated by the British Major Crime Squad, according to reports.  Found dead in bed by his partner on Christmas Day aged 53, detectives suspect he may have died from a drug overdose.  The stars death is still considered non-suspicious. A high profile picture agency has been ordered to give all of their shots taken close to the singers home before Christmas. The Sun reports this to help identify who came and went before the singers death. Detectives from the Thames Valley Police Major Crime Unit who investigate murders, are now working on...

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