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Is Miley showing a bump on her Facebook post!?

Miley Cyruss has posted a photo on Facebook with a possible baby bump showing. Surrounded by balloons spelling out her name a suspicious bump is seen from her grey dress. #mileypregnant #mileybabybump Also in the mirror it shows what looks like Liam Hemsworth taking the photo. Adding to the suspicion is the billowing outfits worn by Miley to the taping of The Voice. Could a junior Miley and Liam be on the...

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Avoid Thanksgiving Traffic Hassles

Thanksgiving Traffic Nightmares Thanksgiving is a time for relaxing. Sitting stuffed to the gills in front of the TV watching football. But unfortunately to get to this state of food coma bliss you have probably fought bumper to bumper thanksgiving day traffic. There is nothing worse than being stuck in traffic whilst you are starving, knowing that at your destination is drool worthy turkey and stuffing ready to go. So this year lets avoid that painful ride and use the internet to skip all the traffic hassle.   Thanks to Google Maps this is achievable. Google has compiled trends...

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Alien Hunters Say Mysterious Craft May Have Crashed in UFO Hotspot

ALIEN hunters have been sent into a frenzy after a mysterious craft supposedly crashed in a UFO sighting hotspot The residents in Peruibe, South Brazil apparently witnessed a bright light earlier this month and found vegetation smashed to the ground. Also reported was a bizarre mark was left on the ground – measuring 13 by 2 metres – . This was cordoned off immediately by local officials. Brazilian media did not bring the incident to light for a full week. Which has been attributed to a cover up. UFO investigator Saga Susseliton Souza said: “We looked at it in...

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Tokyo Serial Killer Used Twitter to Lure People Looking for Suicide Pact

  Search For Missing Woman Leads Police to Serial Killer Who Had Severed Heads in His Apartment Takahiro Shiraishi, 37, has been arrested over the suspected serial killings of nine people, whose bodies or body parts have been found inside his apartment outside of Tokyo. He has confessed to dismembering the victims bodies and hiding them in cold-storage cases, some covered with cat litter, a police spokesman said. The body parts were found when investigators searched the mans flat in Zama City in Japan. They searched his apartment as part of an investigation into a missing 23 year old...

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New York Terrorist Wants to Fly Isis Flag in Hospital

3 The terrorists that mowed down innocent people, killing 8 and injuring scores more is trying to fly the Isis flag from his hospital bed. Showing no remorse he told law enforcement he wanted to fly the ISIS flag in his hospital room. According to the criminal complaint, obtained by TMZ, Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov told FBI agents he “felt good about what he had done.” On his cellphone was an electronic ISIS training manual which included, among other things, a video of ISIS fighters shooting prisoners in the face and a video of a beheading. The complaint says the...

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