Budweiser Lawsuit

Budweiser Lawsuit

Is Budweiser Watering Down Its Beer?

For beer drinkers all across the United States, Budweiser is considered America’s beer. Most cookouts, receptions and parties are stocked with this type of beer.

Well due to the latest developments with this beer mogul, beer fans everywhere might feel a bit jaded. A lawsuit against the brand alleges that Budweiser and some of its affiliates are actually watering down the beer.

Budweiser and Michelob, the two most popular of Anheuser-Busch varieties, are supposed to be 5 percent alcohol.

They also offer light versions that are marketed to be four percent alcohol. Prior employees of the company now say that the products were watered down in efforts to save money.

Anheuser-Busch claims this lawsuit and its allegations are unfounded and stand by their products. Consumers and retailers alike are now questioning whether or not they have been receiving what they paid for and if this brand can really be trusted.