New Pepsi Bottle: Biggest Change Since 1997

New Pepsi Bottle: Biggest Change Since 1997

Pepsi Introducing New Look for Bottles

For the first time in 16 years, major soft drink manufacturer Pepsi reports it is planning to introduce a new bottle shape for its popular beverage along with a brand new graphic design.

The bottom half of both 16 oz. and 20 oz. bottles has been refashioned to include a swirled grip for easier handling and featuring a much shorter label whose highlight is the familiar red, white and blue Pepsi official globe logo.

The same design is being offered for the 12 oz. glass bottle available in select markets, except that the label will be bordered in silver rather than cola-colored. The shape of the Pepsi bottle hasn’t been altered since 1997, and includes the company’s line-up of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Next and Pepsi Max beverages. Only full-calorie Pepsi will be offered in recyclable glass bottles.

Pepsi also said that the package redesign more clearly reflects its latest advertising slogan, “Capturing the excitement of now.”

“We started with single serve, because it is the package you’re seen drinking and holding,” explained Angelique Krembs, VP-marketing for the Pepsi trademark. “The longer-term view is this new design system would eventually hit all touch points beyond packaging, to be honest, but certainly all other package types, as it applies.”

“We didn’t want to create a shape that came out of nowhere,” Ms. Krembs said. “It’s not uniform, it’s a little asymmetrical, there’s a little edginess and playfulness, which is consistent with Pepsi’s equities and youthful spirit.”

Although some consumers may start seeing the new Pepsi package redesign in stores as early as April, company representatives say that introducing the new design will be a gradual process, with only half of the country seeing new packaging by the end of 2013.

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Pepsi Tries on New Look With First Package Redesign Since 1997