Texas Strip Club Patron Succumbs After Lap Dance

Can too much sexual excitement prove fatal? A 67-year old patron at a Texas strip club was found dead by employees after being the recipient of several lap dances at the Red Parrot Club in El Paso.

Nothing seemed amiss at the club until an employee approached Robert Gene White to ask for payment for the lap dances.

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When White did not respond, further investigation indicated that he was not breathing, the victim of a silent heart attack.

Employees attempted CPR efforts on White while an ambulance was on the way but these efforts proved not successful.

Preliminary police reports indicate that White died sometime during one of the lap dance activities after suffering a fatal heart attack.

Man Dies During Lap Dance

Man Dies During Lap Dance

There were no signs of foul play around his body, but an autopsy is planned to determine the exact cause of death and further police investigation will take place if anything suspicious is found by the medical examiner.