A Eureka, California, man has reportedly found an oyster of record sized proportions. Richard Mesce loves giant oysters and had set his sights on finding a big one. Little did he know that he would find one oyster that would set a record while paddling in the tide in his kayak.

The found oyster was 13 inches long. The mollusk was 6 inches wide and was thought to be nearly 80 years of age. Mesce found the oyster at the bottom of Humbolt Bay and the retired pilot took it to to Humbolt State University for help from their oceanographer. Once official measurements were done, an application was sent to the Guinness Records office.

The current record holding largest oyster is 12 inches long and is 5.5 inches wide. The oyster is currently residing at Humbolt State University in an aquarium, where it has room to move about and thrive.

California Man Finds Record Setting Giant Oyster