Vampire grave found in Italy

Forensic Scientists in Italy believe they have found what appears to be the first Vampire exorcism known to Italy. In a mass grave located on the Venetian Islands the skeleton of a female was found with a brick shoved in her mouth. Although Vampire superstitions were very common during the plague, forensic scientists believe this woman had been considered a ‘shroud eater’ and had the brick placed in her mouth by gravediggers fearing she would turn into a vampire.

But, this hypothesis has other scientists debunking the theory. Physical archeologist, Simona Minozzi, believes the brick in the woman’s mouth was accidental and probably occurring as some of the brick remains of the graveyard broke off and fell into the skull’s mouth.

Though the physical archeologist wishes to debunk the vampire theory, the forensic scientists stand by their initial hypothesis claiming the details of the sites support their theory.