Laughlin Nevada No Longer the Epitome of Anti-Government

Laughlin Nevada a smaller version of Las Vegas is seeking to incorporate. Historically, the views of the majority of people living in Nevada are fun in the sun and no unnecessary buearacy. Anti-government is no longer the view for the majority of Laughlin Residents.

Nestled about 100 miles from Las Vegas, in the middle of nothing but desert, Laughlin is seeking to incorporate their town of 7,000 residents. Although they are a small group, Laughlin attracts about 2.3 million tourists a year. Residents are tired of having to make the 100 mile trek to their Clark County Government center located in downtown Las Vegas.

Incorporating Laughlin doesn’t come risk free. According the the State of Nevada, Luaghlin would face a 4.3 million budget deficit its first year of operation. The residents are willing to take the risk to have control of their own town and to not have to drive 100 miles to meet with their govenment officials.