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Ernestine Shepherd, Oldest body building Competitor Ever (PHOTO)

Posted By on Jun 12th, 2012

Oldest Female Bodybuilder Looking Buff 77-Years-Old (PHOTOS)

The Guinness Book of World Records has recently awarded the Oldest Female Bodybuilder title to Edith Wilma Connor as of May 29th, 2012.

This seventy-seven year old’s journey began in her late sixties. It started when the great-grandmother went to the gym with her oldest grandson. She was highly captivated and claimed going to the gym as her “salvation”.

“It was something I could do by myself, for myself… It was a tension releaser. I sit at a computer all day, so it was one way for me to take it out on the weights instead of the employees,”

Edith Connor is from Denver, Colorado and currently does sedentary work at the data entry company owned by her husband and herself.

Edith Connor is said to find her workout regimen as a nice counteract to her work, “… it was one way for me to take it out on the weights instead of the employees”.

Connor said she did take some time off in 2011 after her husband of 56-years, passed away.

“I started doing weights again in April. I’m still sticking with my body building, although right now I feel I won’t do any competitions this year.”

Connor’s said her bodybuilding has become a family affair.

“At my age, I still like to move. I’m not the sedentary type… (Bodybuilding) gave me a good way out. Something I can enjoy, something I can pass on. And I am passing it on… My youngest son was my first trainer… Now my oldest grandson is my trainer and my great-granddaughter works out with me.”

Her exercise routine includes morning aerobics or workout followed by weight lifting. Connor works out at least three times every week. She doesn’t diet but instead goes by a self made nutritional guidelines.

Edith Connor currently coaches five women, all of whom, are over fifty.

Oldest Female Bodybuilder Looking Buff 77-Years-Old (PHOTOS)

Oldest Female Bodybuilder Looking Buff 77-Years-Old (PHOTOS)

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