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Candy Corn Oreos Reviews Are In: Tastes A lot Like Sugar

Posted By on Sep 12th, 2012
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Kraft’s Spooky Oreos

Kraft Foods, Inc. has released limited edition Oreos over the past few years to commemorate special occasions. Cool Mint and Birthday Cake are just two of the different color and flavor combinations that Kraft has created.

This year, in expectation of Halloween Kraft has released Candy Corn Oreos, reports .

The limited edition cookies will be available only at Target stores. The cookies have an orange and yellow colored cream with vanilla flavored wafers. The advertising for the newly released Oreos feature the ever popular candy corn alongside the identically colored cookies.

According to some who have taste tested the scary snack the cream has just a hint of candy corn flavoring.

According to the HuffPost:

tried hard to conjure up an impression of candy corn, but all I could get was a strong vanilla frosting flavor and enough sweetness to make my hair stand on end. Taking a bite of the whole cookie together made it taste a little more like candy corn, perhaps because the two golden wafers tempered the sweetness of the frosting. But still, the overall impression I got was vanilla.

The guys at FoodBeast agree:

How do they taste? Like frosting. If no one had told you they were candy corn flavor, chances are you would have never guessed it was themed after the popular Halloween candy. There’s a slight hint of candy corn flavoring, but it’s almost indistinguishable from birthday cake frosting flavors.

The Halloween themed Oreos were released on September 10 in plenty of time for the upcoming holiday. Since the spooky cookies will only be sold by Target it may limit the availability of this edition creating a bit more interest.

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