Burger King Mascot Prank Goes Viral

Burger King Mascot Prank Goes Viral (YouTube)

Comedy Group Causes a Stir at McDonalds

Patrons at a Rome, Georgia McDonald’s were given an interesting surprise upon walking into the fast food chain this week, but managers at the local fast food location weren’t pleased.

A man dressed as “The King”, the official Burger King mascot, walked into the chain and began handing out free Burger King hamburgers to the McDonald’s customers. He proceeded to dance with customers, create a ruckus and take pictures with children. He then simply left.

A manager followed the man, dressed in full mascot attire, to his car were he questioned him about his motives.

“Can I ask you why are you doing that?” the manager asked him outside the chain.

His answers were vague, but he claimed to be doing charity work before speeding off.

“This is for charity, for a children’s charity,” the man replied. “We’re raising money.”

“How are you raising money by giving out burgers?” the manager asked. She later added, “Who are you raising money for?”

“It’s for everybody. It’s for the world. It’s for all the children,” the man replied.

Police were called to the location and they were able to trace the car to its owner; his name is not being released.

An underground comedy group calling themselves the “Woodcreek Faction” uploaded a video of the hijinx and shared it on Twitter with the simple caption of “It’s not easy being the king”.

The Burger King Visits McDonald’s Prank