Bagel Head Trend: Yep That's A Thing

Bagel Head Trend: Yep That’s A Thing (Photo : Youtube)

Asia’s Bagel Head Trend

A new trend is sweeping Japan and is turning heads.

People in Asia are getting saline injections in their forehead in order to achieve the desired bagel head.

Due to the saline injections, the forehead is able to achieve a spherical shape. Once the saline is injected the center in pushed down in order to achieve a bagel shape.

This bagel head trend is a form of body modification being explored by National Geographic’s documentary series “Taboo”. This body modification is not permanent. The saline will be absorbed into the body in about sixteen hours, which causes the shape to fade and eventually disappear.

YouTube commenters are pretty much in agreement.

One user wrote: “Those three are idiots. The photographer is an idiot. The people who want to make this a trend are idiots. And people like you, who defend them, are the worst case of stupidity that I’ve ever seen.”

Think the bagel head look is right for you?