Shark kills Surfer in Rare U.S. Attack

Shark kills Surfer in Rare U.S. Attack (Courtesy Of Albert kok)

Deadly Shark Attack Off of California Coast

Details of a fatal shark attack that happened Tuesday off the California coast are still under investigation.

Francisco Javier Solorio Jr, suffered a sever bite in his upper torso while surfing off the coastal Vandenberg Air Force Base on Surf Beach in Lompoc, reports ABC News.

The 39 year old was pronounced dead on the scene.

“It was a confirmed shark attack and a confirmed death,” a Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s spokeswoman said.

Friends pulled the man out of the water after the late morning attack but life-saving measures were not successful and he died on the scene, reports Yahoo News.

Officials are still unclear as to the type of shark involved in the attack.

“I don’t think they saw enough of the shark to identify it,” sheriff’s department spokeswoman Diane Cline said.

Numerous sightings have been reported in recent weeks up and down the Santa Barbara coastline.

Warnings were not posted in the area but officials maintain that the sightings had been publicized. Some 65 miles further down the coast, reports and warnings were posted following the spotting of a 14 ft great white shark.

fatal shark attacks are rare in the United States. With a reported 980 reported attacks over the past several hundred years, only 37 have been fatal, according to the International Shark Attack File.

Friends of Solorio were shocked by the incident, reporting that he had been riding the very same waves off Vandenberg beach since his youth. He was reported to have been an extremely experienced surfer who knew his way around the water.

Confirmed Unprovoked Shark Attacks, 1580–2011
Region Total
United States
(Excluding Hawaii)
980 37 2012
Australia 488 144 2011
(Alternative source)
685 201 2012
Africa 314 85 2011
Asia 124 51 2000
Pacific Islands / Oceania
(Excluding Hawaii)
124 50 2011
South America 105 23 2006
Hawaii 105 8 2004
Antilles and Bahamas 67 15 1972
Middle America 56 27 2011
New Zealand 47 8 1968
Europe 35 17 1984
Bermuda 3 0
Unspecified / Open Ocean 14 7 2006
Total: 2,463 471 2011