Missouri U Athletic Department Runs Up $7,000 Strip Club Bill

The University of Missouri at Columbia has discovered that employees of its Sports Department have been using school-issued credit cards to make unauthorized purchases, including a whopping $7,000 bill for strip club visits, reports kmov.com.

The Department’s director of video operation’s signature was found on two credit card charges for a Las Vegas strip club in amounts totally more than $7500, including $2,000 in gratuities.

That employee, Michael Schumaker, was in Las Vegas representing the University on official business and has since reimbursed the University $7605.50 for personal expenditures. Schumaker refused any comment about the audit’s findings and school officials indicated that appropriate disciplinary action was taken but declined further comment.

The audit further revealed that other purchases made on school-issued credit cards included floral arrangements and dinners totaling almost $3,000 at a steakhouse in Texas.

As a result of the audit, University officials plan to severely restrict use of school-issued credit cards in the future.