“Nightmare Neighbor” Leads to $1.65 Million Dollar Jury Award

A Collier County jury awarded five neighbors in Goodland, Florida $1.65 million dollars after hearing testimony about “nightmare neighbor” 52-year-old Richard “Blinkie” Karnes. The neighbors testified problems with Karnes started year ago when a property feud began over the installation of a concrete slab for boat storage.

74-year-old Leo Popour, the property owner who installed the slab and was awarded $1.1 million by the jury, explained, “He (Karnes) went nuts. (Saying) I’m going to beat you up, throw you in the canal.” Over time, Karnes sprayed Popour with chemicals and made threats of violence. As neighbors witnessed the feud and supported Popour and his wife, Anna, Karnes targeted them as well.

Although several of the neighbors filed restraining orders, Karnes continued the harassment. The neighbors informed the press that the lawsuit was there only option and they don’t expect to see any money, but hope a point was made.