naked man rescued from chimney in Germany

naked man rescued from chimney in Germany

Naked, Unconscious Man Pulled From Chimney

German police were probably a little surprised to discover a naked man wedged into the chimney of a Berlin building on Thursday.

After an attempt to rescue the man, police quickly realized the situation was out of their realm of expertise and called in the fire brigade.

According to the Huffington Post, a spokesman for the fire brigade explained the intricate details of the rescue mission.

After a failed attempt to pull the man up and out of the chimney with a rope dangling from a crane, rescuers were forced to come up with another plan. Exposure and injuries proved to be too much for the wedged man and he lost consciousness. He was unable to help with his own rescue, which took nearly two hours.

“The rescue workers, specialized in saving people at great heights, tried to pull the victim out from above with a crane and a sling,” a fire brigade spokesman said.

“At first he held on to the rope but then his strength failed him so we had to come up with an alternative.”

Nearly 30 firemen and 10 police officers helped make a hole into the second floor of the building to extract the naked man.

Rescuers spent 15 minutes resuscitating the man. He is still in the hospital.

“He suffered from injuries in the fall and due to his scant clothing – namely his nakedness – he became very cold,” the spokesman said.

Officials have no idea why he was in the chimney in the first place, but several media outlets are reporting he escaped from a hospital.

“The first question was is the man sporting a red cape and a bushy white beard?” the fire brigade spokesman said.