Baby Flung From Car Survives Horrifying Accident

Baby Flung From Car Survives Horrifying Accident

Tragedy Avoided As baby Was Flung From car

A car accident resulting in an infant being ejected from the vehicle has “tragic ending” written all over it. This story fortunately ended without horrifying results.

Video footage depicts a driver attempting to pass another driver with oncoming traffic ahead. The video was taken by dashboard camera on the snowy roads of Russia. The passing vehicle loses control and skids sideways, narrowly missing the front of the semi-truck. It is then clipped in the rear quarter by the trailer portion of the same truck and the child is visibly ejected from the vehicle. The driver gets out as traffic slows down and retrieves his one-year-old child.

According to Russian news reports the 53-year-old driver lost control of his Mitsubishi SUV when trying to overtake another car.

Reports indicate the baby was not strapped in a baby seat, rather lying in the back on some blankets. The baby was apparently taken to a local hospital and treated for only minor injuries [1].

Only a third of the Russian population uses car seats, the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion found in a poll [2]
On Youtube, reaction to the video is pasionate.

One user writes:

As a mother, your child has just been violently ejected from your car onto the cold hard pavement at 60 mph, then is nearly run over by a semi truck. Will your first response be to:
a) run to your child to make sure he/she is okay…or you know, to make sure they are still alive?
b) save the baby blanket?

Another user notes:

Attentive parents. At the end of the vid, they are clearing evidence that proves the baby was on a blanket and not in a carseat. Too afraid of the law to celebrate the miraculous survival of their flesh and blood? I don’t think the laws are that harsh, but they should treat these ‘adults’ harshly. Poor tot.

There is no word whether charges will be filed against the negligent driver.

What do you think about the baby being flung from the car? are the parents at fault?