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Adultery Website Gets Plenty Of Lovin From Parliament

Posted By on Feb 10th, 2013

Adultery Website Gets 52,000 Hits from Parliament

The tabloid website known as the Mail is reporting that members of the British parliament including their staffers have been using government computers to visit a well-known adultery website.

The website “Out of Town Affairs” provides a forum for married men and women to arrange for sexual encounters.

The Mail learned that, over the past seven months, the website has received over 52,000 hits from government registered computers of which nearly 300 a day come from Westminster. The website for “Out of Town Affairs” makes the bold pronouncement: “We connect you with thousands of other married men and women looking for a marital affair or more heat in the bedroom.” The adultery website offers suggestions which are even more brazen such as encouraging users to can connect with “thousands of horny cheaters ready to get some action”.

The discovery came after the Mail filed a freedom of information act requesting a list of Parliament’s top 500 websites.


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