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Blue Angels Air Show Cancelled

Posted By on Mar 3rd, 2013

Blue Angels Air Show Cancelled

Blue Angels Air Show Cancelled

Blue Angels Air Show Cancelled

Due to the segregation of federal spending in Washington D.C., the US Air Force has been forced to cancel the 2013 season of Blue Angels and Thunderbird air shows. This includes trade shows, flyovers, and related events.

The Navy’s Blue Angels had four shows scheduled in Texas, South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia which they had to cancel. Air show officials are unsure whether the rest of the years schedule will be honored. It is very clear that all Thunderbird air shows for the 2013 season have been taken off the schedule.

Obama told listeners in radio speech that Republicans have opposed “closing a single wasteful tax loophole that helps reduce the deficit”. A spokesperson for the Navy agrees that resources should go towards maintaining active duty crafts “making sure ships are seaworthy and planes are airworthy for the fighters who are operating overseas”.
Many people are very disappointed by these decisions. Fans hope that this is only a temporary setback.


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