Florida Church Looks Like Angry Birds (PHOTO)

Florida Church Looks Like Angry Birds (PHOTO)

Angry Bird “Church”

In Florida, hundreds of people have been visiting a church, but not for the reasons that most people do. This particular church has drawn increased interest because the chapel resembles, to some at least, the popular app game Angry Birds.

Tampa’s Church By the Sea began drawing attention after a photographer noted that the church resembled a cartoon fowl from the animated game. Fans of the app game have also taken notice of the unusual design and have made visits to the church to take their own photos.

The church was founded in the mid-1940’s and many of the current congregation were not even aware of the internet sensation created by their chapel. The unintentional design has features that resemble a bird’s features, including wings, tail and beak. Located along Madeira Beach, the lighted cross atop the chapel tower is commonly used to direct ships during foggy or inclement weather.

What do you think? Does the florida church resemble angry birds?


Angry Birds Church: Florida Chapel Looks Like A Furious Chicken (PICTURE)