Actor ear Bitten Off, Clive Mantle Recovering In Hospital

Actor ear Bitten Off, Clive Mantle Recovering In Hospital

English Actor Has Ear Partially Bitten Off in Row

Newvastle, England – Clive Mantle, who once starred on the long running English medical drama “Casualty”, was involved in a row with what he says were unruly lodgers at a Travelodge Inn.

Mantle claims that early Sunday morning, he couldn’t sleep due to some loud patrons at the hotel, and he asked them to keep the noise down. Mantle then says an argument erupted and a scuffle ensued with a 32-year-old man biting off part of Mantle’s ear, reports the Daily Mail.

In all three men were detained by police of which two have been arrested with charges stemming from the incident. The man charged with the biting attack is from Hamilton, South Lanarkshire. Mantle was only trying to get some rest and spoke to the patrons while still in his pajamas.

The partially bitten off ear was recovered and reattached by doctors. However, it won’t be known if the surgery was a success until Mantle is examined by an Oxford Specialist later today.

Mantle was starring in an Ealing comedy but has withdrawn for the time being due to the attack.

Mantle is said to be quite traumatized by the incident. He is remembered by many for his role as Doctor Mike Barrett on the popular medical drama.

‘He is very shaken and shocked by what has happened. You don’t expect this kind of thing to happen in a hotel.

The spokesman added that there was ‘no guarantee’ the ear would survive the trauma because it was ‘a while’ before it was found.

A spokesperson for the theater production has said, “Clive will not be performing in Salford. … He will most likely miss the whole of this week, then we will reassess the situation early next week.”

Mantle was touring with The Ladykillers when the incident went the incident occurred.


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