Vibrating Underwear, Durex Hopes to Change Sex Forever

Vibrating Underwear, Durex Hopes to Change Sex Forever
Vibrating Underwear, Durex Hopes to Change Sex Forever
Funderwear by Durex

Funderwear the Underwear of the Future

Yes, there is an app for that! Durex, a leading condom company, has designed vibrating underwear called Funderwear that can be activated by your partner’s smartphone. Your partner is able to control the location of the vibration and the intensity.

Circles on the phone coordinate with areas on the Funderwear and your partner’s body. With a simple touch of the circles, the underwear vibrates in those areas. The user’s pressure on the phone mimics the intensity of the vibration. Imagine an app that allows foreplay from anywhere.


These new Funderwear will revolutionize the art of naughty messages over text. Durex wanted to create a product that would allow a new level of intimacy over the phone. Funderwear allows, “touch to be transferred over the Internet.” This lingerie may be just the thing for a couple involved in a long distance relationship or a couple where one travels on business.

There is Funderwear for everyone. The line will include panties, bras, boxers, and briefs. Funderwear has not been released for sale yet, so pricing is unknown. However, if you are interested in winning a pair, the Durex Australia Facebook page is giving a limited amount away. Just tell them how you and your partner would use a pair for a chance to win.

Not everyone is excited about the new technoloyg.

One Youtube wrote:

“One step closer to a sexless society.”

What do you think of Vibrating Underwear? A Good idea?

Durex Fundawear — Touch over the Internet [OFFICIAL]


durex creates funderwear: vibrating pants controlled by your partner’s phone

Durex creates vibrating underwear you can control via smartphone apps


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