Woman too Fat To Tan in Ohio Salon

Woman too Fat To Tan in Ohio Salon

Tanning Salon Refuses Woman For Being Too Fat

A woman in Ohio who had purchased a package for tanning sessions as a salon in Norco was refused admission when she returned to the facility because she was too fat. Kelly McGrevey says she had an initial tour of the tanning salon and was encouraged enough to purchase future sessions, but was rudely informed by an employee when she returned several days later that her weight posed a problem.

The Aloha Tanning Salon employee told McGrevey that the company had recently instituted a policy that prohibited anyone weighing more than 230 pounds from using its tanning bed equipment.

“He said, “Sorry, but I’m not going to let you tan today because we’ve just implemented a new policy where anyone over 230 pounds can’t go in one of our beds,'” said McGrevey.

“I was just so shocked and embarrassed and humiliated.”

For McGrevey’s first session the day before, she was able to use a tanning cubicle in which she stood up. But the company told her that unit was broken the following day and that their tanning beds would not be able to support her heavy weight.

McGrevey said she felt both humiliation as well as embarrassment and accused Aloha Tanning of discriminating against fat people. When she asked the salon to refund the money she had advanced for the month-long tanning session package, she was told that the company could not authorize a refund.

“I said, “Okay, I’d like my money back then. He said, no, we don’t give refunds. I said, ‘You’re not going to give me a refund, I paid for a service that I’m not getting, and he said no, you can’t have a refund,” said McGrevey.

The manager also refused to show her any written policy regarding weight limitations.

“I told him that I wanted to see this new policy about the tanning and poundage and whatever, and he said, no, I don’t have to show you that,” said McGrevey.

She then called the police, filing a report against Justin Hileman, the owner of Aloha Tanning.

“He asked if I was aware of how many times he had to replace the acrylic on those beds because of heavy people?”

“I’m humiliated. I’m embarrassed. I don’t want to face this guy for 30 days. I just want my money back,” said McGrevey.

She also wanted other people to know her story.

“Maybe there are people that have come here before, or that are going to come here, that are overweight and I just want them to know that you could be mistreated,” she said.


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