Room Service  Discontinued At Swanky NYC Hotel

Room Service Discontinued At Swanky NYC Hotel

Room Service Discontinued

As of this August 2013, the Hilton Midtown, New York City’s largest hotel, will no longer be offering room service to its customers.

Don’t worry, hotel guess wont have to go without though. According to Crain’s, Herb n’ Kitchen will replace the room-service operation at the midtown hotel.

“Like most full-service hotels, New York Hilton Midtown has continued to see a decline in traditional room-service requests over the last several years,” said a spokesman in a statement. The Hilton Hawaiian Village was the first Hilton to eliminate room service. In October, it put away the China and linen in favor of takeout.

According to the Hilton, the decision behind the discontinuation is purely economical. The costs of room service labor simply outweigh the profits that the service brings in. In other words, the number of guests using room service seems to be continuously declining, causing hotels such as the Hilton to rethink this service altogether.

Gothamist writes:

The Hilton’s room service will deliver its last silver bell-encased meal in August, whereupon it will be replaced with a grab-and-go restaurant called Herb n’ Kitchen. And the midtown hotel’s not the first of its kind to do away with fancy breakfast in bed, though cutting the service will also kill about 55 jobs; DIY room service popped up in NYC a few years ago, the Hilton Hawaiian Village got rid of room service last year, and New York hotel the Hudson’s been serving meals in brown paper bags, a move inspired by the Public hotel in Chicago.

Although one of first five star hotels of its kind to implement this kind of radical change, the Hilton isn’t the first hotel to move in this direction. Replacing room service with cafeteria options has been slowly becoming the new trend in New York over the past few years.

With a big hotel such as the Hilton implementing this kind of change, it is likely that other hotel chains will evaluate the results and possibly follow in the Hilton’s footsteps. The result of switching from room service to a cafeteria will most likely lead to the dismissal of approximately 55 Hilton Midtown employees.


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