$590m lottery winner queue jump gesture, no regrets

$590m lottery winner queue jump gesture, no regrets

No Regrets for Mother Who Let Lottery Winner Ahead In Line

The way Florida mother Mindy Crandall sees it, it just wasn’t her destiny to be the person to win the biggest Powerball in U.S. history.

34-year old Crandall has been identified as the woman who allowed 84-year old Gloria McKenzie to get ahead of her in the lottery ticket line on the final day of ticket sales, resulting in McKenzie’s purchasing the sole winning quick pick ticket.

Crandall insists she has no regrets that her courtesy may have cost her the largest winning jackpot ever.

Although Mrs. McKenzie started to approach the counter, the cashier saw that she was jumping the queue and asked Crandall if she was next. Crandall graciously allowed McKenzie to continue to make her purchase and says she doesn’t feel bad about it.

She says it was more important to teach her daughter who was with her that day at the supermarket, that it’s more important to be patient than very wealthy.

Although Mrs. McKenzie thanked Mrs. Crandall in a statement as “another lottery player” who allowed her to jump ahead in line, causing her to be the winner, there has been no indication that she feels compelled to reward Crandall with any of her winnings.

“Things are meant to be for a reason,” she said.

“It could have been us, but things happen.

“Sometimes it’s better to be patient than right. I knew we were teaching our daughter the right thing.”