Man stuck in coma after soy sauce overdose

A 19-year-old male recently went into a coma, nearly putting him to death, after being dared to drink a large amount of soy sauce. According to health experts and doctors, he is the only individual who has overdosed on high amounts of sodium and salt without getting any long-term neurological problems.

The high amount of salt in soy sauce has an impact on the blood if drank heavily. When there is a large amount of salt in the blood stream, the water you have in your body tissue will move out, which causes your organs to bleed.

The man who drank the soy sauce started having seizures and was sent to the emergency room. The University of Virginia Medical Center worked on his case for over four hours.

“He didn’t respond to any of the stimuli that we gave him,” Carlberg said. The team flushed out the salt in his system with a tube, and brown liquid emerged after trying to get the salt out. The man’s sodium level stabilized five hours after the incident.

Effects did take place on his brain from the minor seizures a few days after, but no long-term damage was done.