Dead Alaska Black Bear Identified as Killer of Elderly Man

George Lake, Alaska – in this remote area of Alaska, 64-year-old Robert Weaver lost his life due to an attack by a black bear last week.

Authorities killed a black bear which was found in close proximity to his body. A necropsy of the bear discovered some of Mr. Weaver’s remains inside its stomach. Now, that doesn’t prove the black bear was the one which attacked and killed Mr. Weaver, a resident from Fairbanks.

It could have been that another bear stumbled upon the remains. However, deputies are fairly confident at this point that they caught and killed the right bear. Authorities went on the hunt for bears in the vicinity and this is the only bear they found. Mr. Weaver and his wife were enjoying some time off in a cabin when they were attacked by the bear.

She made it safely into the cabin and phoned for help. Authorities quickly responded to the distress call but not in time to save Mr. Weaver. They found his wife inside the cabin deeply distraught.

A wildlife trooper shot and killed the bear upon finding it roaming the area in a manner which he described as “stalking”. Authorities have not found any cause for the provocation.

Alaska troopers: Bear killed at lake mauled man