Tamba Hali Tip:  Football Star Leaves $1000 Tip

Tamba Hali Tip: Football Star Leaves $1000 Tip

NFL’s Hali Leaves Grand Tip for Steakhouse Server

NFL football player Tamba Hali must really have enjoyed his dinner at a Kansas City steakhouse recently. The Kansas City Chiefs linebacker had a reservation with family members and friends at the Fogo de Chao Steakhouse featuring Brazilian specialties and left a whopping $1,000 tip for the server.

His total bill of $1827.09 already included a gratuity charge of 296.09 because of the large size of the party, but the 29-year old football star felt that an additional tip of $1,000 was well deserved.

Hali doesn’t understand why so much fuss is being made about his generosity, explaining merely that he was just paying it forward, having enjoyed plenty of help to get him to his current position and feeling that he wants to give back as often as he is able. Hali says he recognizes just how fortunate his life has turned out and he says that restaurant workers have a hard job and deserve to get a helping hand now and again.

The NFL player’s tip, however, is not the largest celebrity gratuity ever recorded. That seems to go to actor Johnny Depp, who left a $4,000 tip to the serving staff at a restaurant in Chicago.


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