Australian Authorities Find Large Crocodile with Human Remains – May Belong to Missing Man

Northern Territory, Australia – While much of Canada and the United States awakens to warmer weather the Long Weekend and Memorial Day afford, Australia is experiencing the cool weather season. With cooler temperatures, crocodiles are less likely to attack humans, but that is no guarantee of safety as one 62-year-old man learned. The victim’s wife, married son and his wife, were enjoying family time on the South Alligator River in the Kakadu National Park when he disappeared. They feared that he may have fallen victim to a crocodile and it appears their worst fears may be true.

Authorities have captured a 4.7 meter (~15 foot) crocodile that say had human remains inside its stomach. At this point, no one can confirm that the remains belong to the victim in question only that they belong to a human being. However, it is not being reported that anyone else has disappeared recently which raises the possibility of this being the victim. Crocodile attacks are uncommon during this time of year. Nevertheless, they are reminding visitors to stay on alert because the danger is ever present. Given the success of the 1971 Endangered Species Act, the population of saltwater crocodiles has increased which raises the danger for humans. The Saltwater croc that was recently captured with human remains was by no means of full length. This particular species of crocodile can grow to lengths of 7 meters (~23 feet).

Just this past March, a proposal came before the federal government to authorize crocodile hunting in the Kakadu National Park, but it was rejected. Whatever grounds were cited for turning down the proposal, they are bound to lose their effect as more and more humans die from crocodile attacks. Most recently a 12-year-old boy lost his life to crocodiles. This brings the number of crocodile deaths to three over the past year.

Human Remains Crocodile

Human Remains Crocodile


human remains crocodile

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