Missing MIT Graduate Found Dead from Apparent Accidental Cliff Fall in India

Ladakh, India – In this extremely remote northern region of India near the border with China, an MIT graduate fell to her death. Kaitlin Goldstein of Providence, Rhode Island, was taking time off from the Energy & Development Workshop she was a participant in. It was part of her education towards a doctorate degree in architecture. Goldstein, who is also a competitive runner, was in this region whose name means “land of high places” in the local language when she went missing on June 14.

Her concerned parents traveled to India to support the search effort for her which has now concluded tragically. It seems that the lovely 28-year-old woman was enjoying a trail run and lost her footing on some rocks along the edge of a cliff and fell hundreds of feet down a ravine. She did not survive the fall.

She recalls that Dan had double vision and did not feel well so he went back to sleep, but when he woke up to take a shower, he turned blue and collapsed so she immediately called 911 and administered CPR on her husband.

The program she was involved with is a joint effort by the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology in Abu Dhabi and the Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values which has close ties to MIT. Upon completion of the workshop, she was going to remain for a real-world project of installing solar panels in a Buddhist monastery. MIT president L. Rafael Reif has called her loss a loss to humanity given her strong academic background and her desire to use her knowledge to improve renewable energy sources in the developing world. He encouraged other students to reach out to one another in a spirit of support and has made grief counselors available to both faculty and students. When she went missing, the scope of the search efforts became an international matter extending beyond local police to India’s Intelligence Bureau and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). For their part, MIT contracted their own private security team to search for Goldstein.

mit graduate student kaitlin goldstein found dead

mit graduate student kaitlin goldstein found dead

mit graduate student kaitlin goldstein found dead