Reindeer pizza delivery cancelled in Japan

In November Domino’s in Japan announced it would celebrate Christmas by delivering Pizza by way of reindeer. They obviously neglected to put much thought into how the reindeer would take this new initiative. Pizza delivered to homes by reindeer and a handler sounds very bizarre and very Japan.

But unfortunately the reindeer have not welcomed this idea, as they have not co-operated and could not be trained to serve up piping hot pizza to customers at home.

Totally dedicated to their idea, the employees took the reindeer to a test track to do a run through. The reindeer were unsurprisingly not very co-operative. The reindeer had a delivery sled and saddle attached but could not be corralled into the finer points of pizza delivery – such as actually delivery any pizza.

Not to be deterred, Domino’s has now rolled out motorized pizza delivery sleds with reindeer ears. Close but no cigar. At least either way pizza at Christmas time will still go on in Japan.

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