Martin Short’s Wife Today Show Mishap, Kathie Lee Gifford “Sorry”

There have been many mishaps on live television, but few are more uncomfortable and embarrassing than what happened to Kathie Lee Gifford on the Today show.

Martin Short was on the Today show to discuss his new movie Madagascar, among other things. As the conversation veered into other topics, such as his son’s graduation from Notre Dame. Eventually Gifford asked Short how his marriage was going, to which he replied: “We [have been] married 36 years.”.

Gifford responded with ”But you’re still, like, in love.”. “Madly in love,” he responded. After this exchange the discussion veered back into talk about Madagascar.

Gifford was informed during a commercial break that Short’s wife had died in 2010 from ovarian cancer. When the Today show returned from its commercial break Gifford apologized for the mishap on-camera. This is not the first time that accidents have occurred on the Today show but it is certainly one of the most embarrassing.

Martin Short's Wife Today Show Mishap
Martin Short's Wife Today Show Mishap

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