Lindsay Lohan Has Wardrobe Malfunction On Set (PHOTO)

While filming Lifetime’s upcoming television movie “Liz & ****”, Lindsay Lohan had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. Lohan exposed a little too much Monday in a low-cut halter dress while portraying the legendary movie star Elizabeth Taylor in a somewhat physical scene.

Photos were taken while Lohan was aboard a boat in Marina Del Rey, California during a fight scene with co-star Grant Bowler.

During the scene, Bowler is dragging Lohan through a doorway as she kicks and screams, and after some physical back and forth something accidentally popped out of her dress.

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Lindsay stayed in character and finished the scene, afterward going back through the door she was dragged through and adjusted her dress. Lohan came back laughing off the accidental malfunction.

This is Lindsay Lohan’s first acting job since her highly publicized drug and legal troubles, and producers of the movie say things couldn’t be going better.

Lindsay Lohan Has Wardrobe Malfunction On Set of Liz & **** (PHOTO)
Lindsay Lohan Has Wardrobe Malfunction On Set of Liz & **** (PHOTO)

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