Parents and teachers always admonish students that they had better graduate from high school in order to succeed in life. But there are numerous examples of individuals who have achieved fame and fortune despite being considered high school dropouts.

Dave Thomas, founder of the internationally known Wendy’s fast food hamburger chain, is one of the best known dropouts who left school at 15 to begin working full-time.

Playwright George Bernard Shaw admitted to simply hating school and everything it represents and never finished his high school degree.

The founder of the Eastman Kodak Camera Company, George Eastman, had to quit high school due to family finances, but went on to become a millionaire.

Hollywood director Quentin Tarentino never finished high school, but managed to finish numerous high-grossing films.

Veteran ABC broadcaster Peter Jennings dropped out of school due to sheer boredom, but it didn’t stop him from becoming one of the most respected broadcast journalists in the world.

Rich And Famous People Who Didn't Graduate High School