lil phat Dead, Rapper Dies In Fatal Shooting

LIL Phat shot, dies at 19 years old
The rapper lil Phat, born Melvin Vernell III, was shot on Thursday night. The rapper was shot outside of Northside Hospital a little before 7PM. Vernell was brought to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead shortly after arriving.

Webbie, Trill Entertainment collaborator, went on Twitter and wrote that life is is f**cked up and he tweeted RIP to his lil brother Phat.

Police in Sandy Springs said that two black males are being sought, as they were seen running from the scene of the area that the shooting took place. The police captain said that one of the men were tall and dressed all in black while the other suspect was short and was wearing a red shirt. As of now that is all the information police have.

Back in 2008 Phat had a hit with the song ‘Independent,’ which lil Boosie and Webbie helped with the song.

lil phat Dead, Rapper Dies At 19
lil phat Dead, Rapper Dies At 19

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