Maria Menounos, the ‘Extra’ host, took a serious side when being interviewed by Howard Stern today. Menounos opened up about her experiences with sexual abuse stating when she was younger she was sexually abused by two separate doctors.

One alleged incident happened during a visit for a sore throat; the Dr. asked her to change into a hospital gown and proceeded to touch her genital areas.

The second alleged incident was during a gynecological exam, where the Dr. commented on Menounos’ belly button piercing and began touching it. Menounos stated she did not report either incident to officials as she didn’t want the incidents to drag out further.

She also states that now she has a fear of doctors and makes her boyfriend go into the examining room with her.

54 percent of all sexual assaults are not reported to police and 38 percent of rapists know the victim.

Maria Menounos' Reveals Past Sexual Abuse

Maria Menounos' Reveals Past Sexual Abuse