Everyone knows the one topic that can be a sore subject for women, right? It’s their body, silly! Well, apparently The Sun never got that memo, and now they are enduring the wrath of singer/actress Rhianna.

The Sun, which is a British tabloid, alleges that the model in the Armani commercial rolling about the bed while have a bad dream, all the while wearing skimpy Armani lingerie is not the real Rhianna (at least not from the neck down).

The Sun reports that the body used for the commercial was actually another model, a lady by the name of Jahnassa Aicken. For those who do not know, Jahnassa is a 5’ 10” Irish model with black hair and brown hair, and similar enough to Rhianna to pull off this alleged switch-a-roo.
Obviously this had Rhianna a little more than peeved, and what do superstars do with they feel slighted by the media? They run to Tweeter, of course! Below is an insert from Rhianna’s tweeter page:
“Ok @thesunnewspaper, this is the only way I could say this to you!!! F—K YOU…AND yo baggy *** condom,”

Rhianna eventually calms down later, but it is important to note that despite her occasional wild attire it is not a secret that she does not feel comfortable baring it all. So is it the real Rhianna? You be the judge.

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