American Idol Finalist From Georgia Robbed

Each year as the contestants reduce in number, American Idol attempts to get to know them better. This involves a short visit featuring each of the hometowns of the finalists.

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Unfortunately this publicity isn’t always good, as the family of Phillip Phillips found out when it’s sporting goods and pawn store was robbed of merchandise and cash.

The sporting goods and pawn store was highlighted during the tour of American Idol’s season 11 winner. The items that were stolen range from electronics to guns as well as cash, totaling close to $4,000 in value. Nobody was hurt in the robbery as the winner’s family was visiting him in Los Angeles as Phillips recovered from kidney stone surgery.

The family recently put the store up for sale in the middle of May of this year. Fans shouldn’t worry about the upcoming tour missing it’s winner, Phillips is expected to participate.

American Idol Finalist Phillip Phillips' Family Business Robbed

American Idol Finalist Phillip Phillips’ Family Business Robbed