The Most Common Celebrity Birthplace

For some reason, we have a fascination with celebrities. We want to know where they eat, what products they buy, and where they live.

We even want to know where they were born! The not so surprising fact is that many celebrities were born in the city that is a hotbed of the entertainment industry: Los Angeles.

Some of the world’s biggest movie stars were born in Los Angeles.

Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson and Gina Gershon are all examples of talented and beautiful actresses who call Los Angeles their birthplace.

The reason that so many are born in LA is simply due to the fact that famous people like to marry famous people. They also like to have children, who usually end up being famous themselves.

Although Los Angeles is one of the most famous birthplaces of celebrities in the entire world, many famous folks hail from unassuming places as well.

Ben Affleck – place of birth Berkeley
Maya Angelou – place of birth St. Louis
Warren Buffett – place of birth Omaha
Stephen Colbert – place of birth Washington, D.C.
Ann Curry – place of birth Guam
Tom Cruise – place of birth Syracuse
Hugh Hefner – place of birth Chicago
Michael Jordan – place of birth Brooklyn
Stacy Keibler – place of birth Baltimore

Famous Birthplaces, Loads Of Celebs Actually Born In LA

Famous Birthplaces, Loads Of Celebs Actually Born In LA