Baseball ‘Babe’ Strikes Again – Possible Fourth Bank Robbed

Arizona – the FBI believes that a bank robbery on July 11 was the work of the bank robber known as “Baseball Babe” because of her use of baseball caps, CBS-5 reports.

While no clear photograph of her face has been taken, the physically fit 5’2″ 120 lb female appears to be quite attractive.

She’s believed to be in her 20s but her voice sounds middle-aged. Her MO takes to form of handing a teller a note, collecting the cash, and skipping off on her BMX bicycle.

If the was responsible for the July 11 robbery that would her total of banks robbed to four since her spree began on March 27.

The story is reminiscent of another robbery earlier this month in Queensland Australia where a woman dubbed the “Buxom Bandit” robbed a local gas station.

Baseball Babe Bank Robber On The Loose

Baseball Babe Bank Robber On The Loose