Cybergeddon Series Hopes For Success In Online Exclusive

Cybergeddon Series Hopes For Success In Online Exclusive

“Cybergeddon” Hits Yahoo!Screen

Anthony Zuiker the creator of the original hit crime series “CSI” has produced a short series that will be broadcast over the internet, reports the NY Times.

The web broadcast will contain nine episodes and is called “Cybergeddon.” The entire series was created exclusively for release on the Yahoo!Screen website.

“Cybergeddon” is a conspiracy tale that was directed by “The Zero Hour” director Diego Velasco and written by Miles Chapman. The main antagonist is a European criminal played by Oliver Martinez, who uses digital attacks on international banks and even the Los Angeles water supply plant. Missy Peregrym of “Rookie Blue” is the smart FBI agent who sniffs out the pattern of digital attacks and receives help from an imprisoned computer hacker nicknamed Rabbit.

Each installment of the series is roughly 11 minutes long and the entire series is just 95 minutes long. The series is available in 10 languages.