kat Von D Begins Painful Process Of Removing James Tattoo

kat Von D Begins Painful Process Of Removing James Tattoo

Kat Von D Eliminates Ex-Fiance Tattoo

Kat Von D really means business when she says she wants a fresh start now that ex-fiance Jesse James is out of her life.

The former reality TV star underwent laser surgery this week in order to remove a tattoo of James’ face as a child that she had originally had tattooed on her ribcage, reports the LA Times.

“On a lighter note, I get to start the day off with some good ol’ tattoo laser removal! #ouchville #sillytattoos #creatingjobs :)” Von D tweeted. Later posting, “AND SO IT BEGINS! First round of tattoo removal well underway! 🙂 #freshstart.”

Von D began an affair with James while he was still married to actress Sondra Bullock, but had several break-ups and reconcilations with him last year.

Kat claims that James cheated on her with almost 20 different women during the time they were together. She originally had stated that she would leave his tattoo intact, but apparently wanted to make a clean break and started the first of several laser treatments to obliterate any reminders of his cheating heart.

Complete removal of James’ face from her body will take numerous laser treatments, and she tweeted as well as instagramed the progress of the first session with several photos, saying the procedure hurt but was her way of making a fresh start after the relationship.

Von D is herself a tattoo artist and she originally had the tattoo done as a surprise for James for the reality TV show “LA Ink.”

Kat took to Twitter last year after breaking up with the notorious bad boy saying: “Man, I sure was wrong.

“But at least he made it a no-brainer to break that off. #lessonlearned. / Now, we can get all of the ‘I told you so’s’ outta the way … And move on. (sic)”

James isn’t the only bloke Kat Was willing to get inked for.

“My first tattoo was an Olde English ‘J’ on my ankle for my first love, James, and I’d never cover that s–t up,” she said during an interview with Inked magazine. “I have lots of people’s names on me and it’s not so much like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna regret my ex-husband’s name on my neck,’ it’s more like a time in my life that I don’t regret.”