Charlie Sheen, Helen Flanagan Hooking Up In Ireland?

Charlie Sheen, Helen Flanagan Hooking Up In Ireland?

Charlie Sheen Smitten with Helen Flanagan

Charlie Sheen is at it again!

The embattled actor was visiting Dublin recently. One of his companions showed Charlie a picture of British actress Helen Flanagan and he was immediately taken with her.

He was even more enamored when Charlie discovered that Helen was also spending some time in Dublin.

Sources say that Charlie wanted his entourage to seek Helen out so he could introduce himself to her. Charlie even made mention of the possibility of Helen coming out to Los Angeles to be on Charlie’s show “Anger Management”.

Speaking of anger management, let’s hope Charlie’s 24 year old girlfriend Georgia Jones, isn’t the jealous type since she had accompanied Charlie on the trip to Dublin.

Helen Flanagan is best known in the U.K. for her role as Rosie Webster on the television show Coronation Street. It is unknown if Helen rebuffed Charlie’s advances or if she took him up on his offer.

Flanagan turned heads Last year when she posted several photos of herself via Twitter.

The photos were of her wearing a new swim suit that she had purchased while on vacation in Spain. There was nothing too revealing, although there were close-ups of her cleavage.

She tweeted along with the picture: “Loved my @ElizabethHurley piece from the Marbella Boutique.”

What perked people’s interest was she had said the day before that she was worried about not getting enough exposure, and it has been six months since she had done any work as an actress.

A source told the Daily Star: “The work she expected to roll in since February simply hasn’t and she’s worried the ambitions she had might now be wrecked.”

“Helen decided to leave Corrie because she had had enough and wanted to move on.

“Even if Scott wasn’t on the scene, she would still have left – it had got to that point.”

Her boyfriend is football player Scott Sinclair. When he was transferred to the Manchester City team, Flanagan decided to move to the city as well. She will be returning to northern England where she grew up and hopes to get her career moving again.