The Miniseries “The Bible”

The bible miniseries produced by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett is a television show chronicling the events which take place in The Bible. Showing a number of events from Noah’s Ark to the Exodus gives someone watching the show a good history lesson and understanding of how everything took place.

The premise of the series is explaining to individuals how the events of The Bible unfold with a unique preservative so people have a real understanding of the situation.

According to the Associated Pres,, instead of being all-encompassing, the serie producers tried to concentrate on stories in depth and on characters who would emotionally engage the audience. The first episode illustrates the wisdom of that approach: it flounders at the start with a discussion about the world’s creation but becomes more gripping when the emphasis turns to the lives of Abraham and Moses.

Burnett said he believes there’s a growing “Biblical illiteracy” among young people.

“It’s like saying you never heard of Macbeth or King Lear,” he said. “In school, you have to know a certain amount of Shakespeare, but no Bible. So there’s got to be a way to look at it from a pure literature point of view. If it wasn’t for the Bible, arguably Shakespeare wouldn’t have written those stories.”

Someone interested in learning how these events took place would likely consider this a must watch show with the quality being close to a fully developed movie. Considerable effort was put into the accuracy of it and many individuals where brought forward to help.

Neil Genzlinger of the New York Times has reviewed it and says it leaves much to be desired.

“Instead of embracing this challenge, they [Burnett and Downey] ducked it, serving up a rickety, often cheesy spectacle that is calculated to play well to a certain segment of the already enlisted choir but risks being ignored or scorned in other quarters.

“The feelings behind the series may be sincere — Ms. Downey has said that she and her husband “felt called to do this” — but the approach here actually shows a lack of faith in the power of the biblical stories. The real Bible is a layered, often lyrical epic in which personal journeys are intertwined with collective ones, and human failings bump up against human strivings.”

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