Rihanna Grabs Brown’s Attention with Instagram Topless Photos

Singer Rihanna is determined to keep Chris Brown’s eyes focused on her sexy body and she recently posted some pretty racy topless photos of herself on Instagram.

The Barbados native is keeping things spicy in her relationship with boyfriend Chris Brown, who several years ago was arrested for beating her up, by constantly texting him sexy messages on Twitter as well as Instagram.

According to Hollywood Life, the latest Instagram topless photos seem to be the singer’s way of reminding Brown that her sexy body is hopelessly devoted to him and him alone. Insiders say that Rihanna is currently having her home redecorated and is temporarily living with Chris at his mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

Apparently Rihanna doesn’t believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder and she probably feels more secure being close at hand for as much of the time as possible in order to give Chris as little reason as possible to be tempted by any other girl.


Rihanna Posts Topless Pic — Tempting Chris Brown?
Rihanna Posts Topless Pic — Tempting Chris Brown?