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katy perry to get $3.2 million for autobigraphy

Posted By on Mar 14th, 2013

katy perry autobigraphy

katy perry autobigraphy

Katy Perry to release Memoir

Pop star Katy Perry is set to release her autobiography after signing a deal with publishers reportedly worth around $2 million for her life story. Reports in the British press state the I Kissed a Girl singer will title the memoir Part of Me, the title she also gave to the documentary released as a movie in 2012 about her life onstage during her world tour.

Perry is thought to want to explain to fans the breakdown of her short marriage to British comedian, talk show host and actor Russell Brand. Firework singer Perry is thought to be concerned Brand will release an updated version of his own autobiography known as Booky Wooky and not give her the opportunity to state her side of the problems in the marriage. Amongst the subjects the singer is considering including in the book are her new relationship with fellow singer John Mayer


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