Karate kid street fighter Move Leaves Oppenet stunned

Karate kid street fighter Move Leaves Oppenet stunned

Real Life Karate Kid pulls off Street Fighter kick and Wins

A Street Fighter II move has come alive after a real-life karate kid used a similar overhead kick to best his opponent. Semyon Moskalenko used a rolling/flipping overhead kick successfully during a Russian PPO Karate Championship match to best his opponent. The short video clip of Moskalenko’s Street Fighter kick has since gone viral on YouTube, which has left eye witnesses, and many in the sport, amazed and confused about the kick’s legalities.

The ferocity of the kick has also raised many questions regarding safety at such events and why the competitors were not wearing safety equipment such as headgear like other sports. The PPO Karate Championship was held in Ulyanovsk, and the rules have no restriction on strikes to the head. Participants are fully aware that headgear is not required. Although Moskalenko won the match, the legality of the kick is sure to be challenged in the future as Molskalenko was on his back after delivering the overhead kick before his opponent hit the ground.

check out a video of the Karate kid ‘Street Fighter move below


Karate kid goes viral after winning with ‘Street Fighter move’