justin justin bieber haircut: Star Debuts New Do On Twitterbieber haircut: Star Debuts New Do On Twitter

justin bieber haircut: Star Debuts New Do On Twitter

Bieber’s New Haircut Makes Headlines…Again

Justin Bieber, once again, is the topic of conversation again. This time it isn’t due to his bad behavior or performances, it is his hair once again. It has been a while since the pubic had much to say about Bieber’s hair, until now. The pop star recently debuted a new haircut which features a shaved side and side swept fringe.

Many stories surrounding his new hair do are taking a series of low blows. Aside from calling his new look “dodgy”, as said by the UK’s Mirror, they are comparing the look to that of lesbians. It is also being compared to the hairstyles of other famous females such as Rihanna and Miley Cyrus.

This is not the first and will certainly not be the last time a star’s new hairstyle will make front page news in the tabloids.

Miley Cyrus chopped off her mane in favour of a white blond pixie cut; Rihanna keeps going back and forth between a cropped ‘do and long extensions and Anne Hathaway cut her long brunette locks for the movie “Les Miserables.”

Overall, it seems like anything can receive media attention and make tabloid headlines.


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