Amanda Bynes Posts Racy Semi-Nude Pics On Twitter

Amanda Bynes Posts Racy Semi-Nude Pics On Twitter

Bynes Tweets Semi Nude Photographs of Herself

A far cry from the innocent faced girl that starred on television’s Nickelodeon, Amanda Bynes recently posted semi nude photographs of herself on her Twitter account. Posing in her bathroom in various lacy lingeries, Bynes has been posting increasingly shocking pictures of herself over the past week paired with increasingly disturbing Tweets.

Along with her latest photo series, a topless Bynes in black panties and torn black stockings, comes the caption ”Long hair don’t care.”

Bynes has also been posting about her disordered relationship with food and doesn’t hold back when it comes to sharing her opinions. The 5’8 actress has expressed the desire to weigh 100 pounds, chastising herself for gaining weight to her current 135 pounds.

“Rawr!” the 27-year-old actress wrote as a caption for the pic.

There have also been rumors that Bynes was recently suicidal or that she is engaging in alcohol or drug abuse. Bynes denies all rumors alleging to any of these behaviors and stated in an interview that she only has “hot friends” that “have her back.”

It is reported that Bynes is worth 6 million dollars, however, the majority of these funds were invested by her parents while she was still a teenager, making the bulk of the money currently inaccesible to Bynes.


Amanda Bynes poses in lacy bra, tweets about her unhealthy weight goals

Amanda Bynes Posts Racy Photos on Twitter