Pierce Brosnan Paddle Board Obsession Helps Keep Him In Shape

What a fun trip – Hanalai on the north shore of Kauai is such a beautiful place when it is not raining! I was there over Thanksgiving 2011 just to chill out. Most of the photos are from Hanalai Bay – a great place to relax, read, people watch, and the sunsets were incredible. This is definitely another place to go back to! (photo courtesy Frank Kovalchek from Anchorage, Alaska, USA)

Pierce Brosnan Enjoys Paddle Board Water Sports

Actor Pierce Brosnan is among the many celebrities who enjoy spending time in the water balancing atop a paddle board.

Brosnan, who is best known as television’s “Remington Steele” and as James Bond Agent 007 in the movies, has been spotted numerous times by fans when on holiday with his family in Hawaii, enjoying the ocean waters on a paddle board. Lucky for Brosnan, he can practice his paddle board skills off the coast of Kauai, Hawaii where he has a home in addition to the waters along the shores of Malibu, California where he makes his primary residence.

Brosnan says he often enjoys just losing himself by spending hours smoothly gliding along calm ocean waters aboard his paddle board. Brosnan is often accompanied on his paddle board excursions by his son, although his wife, actress Keeley Shaye Smith, seems to prefer to sun herself on the shore. Brosnan doesn’t have as much time to enjoy his passion for paddle boarding as he would like since he seems to be busier than ever with an assortment of film projects. He admits that his sons often try to coax him to watch his old James Bond movies, but Brosnan would rather be out enjoying his paddle board.


Pierce Brosnan paddle boarding during Hawaiian family holiday