Jay Z NFL Investigation : Jay Z, Roc Nation Investigated For Geno Smith Signing

for Geno Smith Signing
for Geno Smith Signing
Jay Z NFL investigation

Jay-Z has a successful music career, and now he is trying to break into the world of sports. His agency Roc Nation Sports recruits top players into the NFL. The agency recently signed New York Jets Geno Smith. After the signing, the NFL suspected Jay-Z of being involved in the influencing of Geno Smith to sign with the New York Jets. Since Jay-Z is not an NFLPA-certified agent, he cannot be involved in the recruitment of players.

The NFL began to suspect Jay-Z of influencing Geno Smith to sign when a picture was taken of the two before announcement. The picture was first published on Instagram and shows the two together. This picture led the NFL to believe Jay-Z was in contact with Smith before he signed. Geno Smith signed with Kim Miale who is an NFLPA-certified agent at Roc Nation Sports.

Geno Smith’s advisor said that Jay-Z sat in on most meeting with Kim Miale and Geno Smith. The advisor stated that Jay-Z and Smith appeared to have a connection during the meetings. After stating that, he would later say that he was misquoted.

Yahoo Sports explains the rule:

In 2012, the NFLPA banned the use of “runners” — people without appropriate credentials used by agencies to recruit potential clients. And though Smith was technically signed by attorney Kimberly Miale, the potential involvement of Jay-Z, who is not certified as an agent, has other agencies wondering if the rules aren’t being circumvented in this case. Albert Breer of NFL.com recently reported that the NFLPA will investigate the process by which Smith was signed.
The “runner rule” was sent to agencies in April, 2012, and was a specific point of focus among a number of amendments.

While all of these amendments are important, we ask you to pay particular attention to Resolution 1 which repeals the so-called “junior rule” and prohibits a Contract Advisor from using, employing or entering into any business relationship with an individual to recruit prospective player-clients who is not an NFLPA Certified Contract Advisor. Because of this significant change we will not make these amendments effective until June 1, 2012.


the NFL player’s Association has sent an inquiry to Kim Miale and Roc Nation Sports to find out more about Jay-Z’s involvement, reports the Inquisitr.

“Of course we are aware of the new relationship between Roc Nation and CAA,” NFLPA assistant executive director for external affairs told George Atallah told Sports Business. “ We will be reaching out to all of the parties involved to get a better understanding of the nature of those relationships.”

According to NFL.com, the NFLPA previously sent a letter of inquiry to CAA mega-agent Tom Condon after Condon signed Victor Cruz, who is using Roc Nation for his marketing. Roc Nation has established a partnership with CAA in sports other than football, where the runner rule makes such an arrangement problematic. The union cleared Condon of wrongdoing.

To far Roc Nation has inked deals with such sports world heavyweights as the Yankees Robinson Cano, the Giants Victor Cruz and recent WNBA first round draft pick Skylar Diggins.

New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano, in the final season of a $57 million contract, has left agent Scott Boras to sign with a company founded by Jay-Z.
New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano, in the final season of a $57 million contract, has left agent Scott Boras to sign with a company founded by Jay-Z.

Jay-Z At Center Of NFL Investigation

Jay Z NFL investigation

Jay-Z Under NFL Investigation for Geno Smith Signing


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